Want to Buy Satisfying Crunchy?

Satisfying Crunchy is for Sale!!

Buy a popular store with lots of great feedback and social media presence. 

We have hundreds of satisfied customers and you can be the one to supply them. 

Make lots of money with a winning store and product. 


What's included:

  • All social media platforms (Instagram and tiktok)
  • E-commerce platforms (Etsy shop, shopify website, and domain). The stores and domain will be transferred to you. Etsy is free but cost 20 cents per listing. The website (Shopify) is about $37/month when paid monthly or about $27/month when paid yearly. Please check out shopify for exact pricing. The domain is about $35 per year. Please check with godaddy. 
  • 3 heated cornstarch press machines. (No need to put press in the oven. It heats the cornstarch in the machine on the counter top):


(2) 4x5 machines which makes approximately 20 oz bricks. 

Each press was purchased for $900. Total $1,800.

(1) 5x7 machine which makes approximately 5 lbs bricks,  which can be broken down to chunks as well. 

This press was purchased for $3,380.

  • Coffee grinder to mix ingredients.

*Please note that the presses  and coffee grinder were used by me and are not new. The presses are in good condition and told by the maker that they will last a lifetime. The coffee grinder is also in good condition. I will ship all the equipments to you. The equipments are included in the sale of the store.

  • The recipe for making the bricks.
  • 500 Advertising flyers for Satisfying Crunchy. 
  • 2 unused Satisfying Crunchy tshirts.
  • List of all the signed up website customers. There are currently 1171 customers which is great for email marketing. 


You can be the new owner/s of this busy shop for $10,000 usd or Best offer.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing Satisfying Crunchy: sccchunks@gmail.com